Press Release

10/1/2003 - Greyfox Services announces the formation of HomeConnect.

10/17/2003 - HomeConnect announces new contract with Maronda Homes

12/02/2003 - HomeConnect announces partnership with Comcast in Western Pennsylvania

12/10/2003 - HomeConnect announces new contract with Armstrong

3/26/2004 - HomeConnect announces General Manager


HomeConnect is an affiliate of Greyfox Services, one of the nations largest installers of structured wiring products and services. The company, founded in 2003, provides utility coordination assistance to new home buyers for all utility, entertainment, communication and Internet services. The company was founded on the belief that new homebuyers face a myriad of choices with little or no guidance in choosing service providers. HomeConnect was formed to assist new homeowners with the difficult task of connecting their utilities, telephone services, video services and Internet. Our philosophy is quite simple: make your move as easy as possible. Our service, HomeConnect provides new homeowners with a tool for intelligently selecting service providers including electric and gas (where deregulated), video/entertainment, local telephone services, long distance telephone services and Internet service.

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