HomeConnect is an affiliate of Greyfox Services, a premier provider of structured wiring products and services to the homebuilding industry. The company, founded in 2003 provides assistance to new home buyers for all utility, entertainment, communication and Internet services. The company was founded on the belief that new homebuyers face a myriad of choices with little or no guidance in choosing service providers. HomeConnect will provide consumers with a tool for intelligently selecting service providers including electric and gas, video/entertainment, local telephone services, long distance telephone services and Internet service. HomeConnect currently has exclusive marketing contracts with several high-profile homebuilders constructing homes to which we can offer our services

Service Providers

Benefits to Service Providers to Partner with HomeConnect

The displacement of a current service provider is an enormously expensive endeavor. The ideal time to capture a customer is when they are forced to make a change. New homeowners represent a tremendous opportunity. A few interesting statistics on the new homeowners:

-10 million new homes will be sold this year

-New homeowners spend more in the three months surrounding their move than non-movers spend in five years

-The average new homeowner spends over $10,000 on ancillary items

-New homeowners are eager and willing buyers

HomeConnect will afford service providers with the opportunity to access the potential customer well before traditional means. Our timely access to the end user is critical to our success and is facilitated by our strong relationships with builders. At the time of signature for the home, the builder introduces HomeConnect as a value-added service. This service allows the builder to differentiate and to offer a premium level of service by alleviating the burden of choice from the consumer. HomeConnect offers the customer the ability to access the HomeConnect website where they are prompted through the selection process. For those customers without web access, HomeConnect provides a toll free number where the customer can discuss their choice with a HomeConnect representative. Preferred Service Providers will have a tremendous opportunity to garner customers in a timely, cost effective manner.

If you would like to offer your products to an eager client, contact us at mail@homeconnect.info